My Brother Jack Movie



As young boys, celebrated found object sculptor JACK and his brother VINCENT witnessed the murder of their parents in cold blood. Twenty years later, the man convicted of the crime is released from prison and is found brutally stabbed to death shortly after his release.

Who killed the killer?

All signs point to Vincent who battles the demons of mental illness and sleep paralysis – a condition that blurs the line between the real and unreal.

To protect his brother, Jack is forced to confront his own demons and uncover the painful truth of what really happened on the night of his parents’ murder.

The Art of the Independent

My Brother Jack is a smart psychological drama in-which two brothers struggle to come to terms with a horrific childhood tragedy and their own individual choices made that night and the subsequent years that followed.

My Brother Jack is co-produced by UpCrown Productions and MBJ Associates. The film is award-winning writer/director Stephen Dest’s directorial debut on a feature.

“With a strong screenplay as its foundation the film was destined to be made,” says producer Anthony LoRicco of UpCrown Productions.

“I was interested in making a film that explored unique and visually interesting themes, while holding onto the essence of a classic murder mystery.” – writer/director Stephen Dest.

Stephen’s passion for storytelling and desire to bring an entire independent approach to production started right at the offset, with successful crowd-funding campaigns and heavy involvement from the city in which it was filmed (New Haven, CT) a historically known city for independent creation, he was determined to bring as many individually minded craftsmen to the production.

The film features the original work of two renowned Artists; Silas Finch (Found Object Sculptor) and Larry Morelli (Painter) and a hauntingly alluring original score by composer/musician Jonny Rodgers.

My Brother Jack is a beautiful and thought-provoking story and Stephen’s eye for detail is present in every frame. His stage background as both an actor and director is visible in the brilliant performances of the entire cast.

The film is one that you enjoy thinking about as the credits role, and talking about in the days that follow.