12 Inch High Head Slurry Pump Sent to the United States

///12 Inch High Head Slurry Pump Sent to the United States

12 Inch High Head Slurry Pump Sent to the United States

High head slurry pump is the excellent slurry pump to realize the long distance transportation of solid materials. This kind of sand pump machine had been widely used for conveying tailing, ash, coal and various concentrates of the power plant. OCEAN Pump brand high head slurry pump has the advantages of high efficiency, low investment, energy saving and environmental protection, easy maintenance and so on.


Our U.S. customer contacted us about their problems of slurry pump in April 2017. They are using a cutter suction dredger to get sand from lake and need a long distance transportation. But the current slurry pump equipped in the dredger is not enough to meet the transport requirements. So, they need to add a powerful  high head slurry pump.

Their transport requirements are as following:

  1. The high head slurry pump must relay out the solid of 250m3/hour from first-level slurry pump.
  2. The high head slurry pump inlet : 350mm, outlet: 300mm;
  3. The distance of transport is up to 1600m;
  4. wear-resistant, easy-to-use.

After calculation, we proposed DS300-70 type sand suction pump unit for customer. And supporting cummins marine diesel engine and marine gear box of 600 type. This type of high head slurry pump is equipped with five blades impeller, with advantage of high efficiency and low failure rate. The pump component in contact with the medium is made of high chromium alloy material. And the pump uses double shell structure which features stable, safe, high head discharge distance and very wear resistant. This pump is very suitable for customer’s condition.

Model DS300-70
Capacity 1800 m3/h
Head 49m
Rotate Speed 830 r/m
Shaft Power 294.5 KW
Specifications of the diesel engine Cummins  559kw, 1800 r/m
Gear Box Type 600 – 2:1 hydraulic marine gear box

After communication, our customer agreed with the selection and matching of this slurry pump, and placed orders in September 2017. Our factory arranged production and procurement actively, and prepared the goods within 20 working days for engine long delivery time.


At last, our customer arranged their representative come to test the pump unit. The detection contents are as follows :

  1. shape size of the sand dredging pump, flow components material, the actual efficiency of the system, smooth operation, performance curve;
  2. EPAE mission Certificate of diesel engine.
  3. Containerized monitor, the high head slurry pump needs to be firmly fixed to ensure that the long-term sea cargo without damage.

Through this case, Ocean Pump products passed through the world’s most stringent testing which marking our products and supporting forces have been recognized by the developed countries. And that laid a good foundation for the future exporting of our main pump to Europe and America.

OCEAN PUMP is not only manufacturing best quality sand pump and sand dredger products but also providing professional custom design and fabrication service. ODM and OEM are also available. If you have any questions or inquiries,  please contact us at [email protected]

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