Vertical Pump Machine was Delivered for Tunnel Construction Application

///Vertical Pump Machine was Delivered for Tunnel Construction Application

Vertical Pump Machine was Delivered for Tunnel Construction Application

Vertical pump machine, also known as PNSL type vertical sand pump, vertical pump or vertical slurry pump, is manufactured by OCEAN PUMP and widely used for dredging of fish ponds and river management. The working principle is using high-pressure water pump’s impact force to disperse and dilute the sand and then use a vertical pump machine to pump up the sediment mixed with water. With the advantages of high concentration, large suction force, wear-resistance and easy-to-use, vertical pump machine is widely used to dredge or extract sediment from rivers, rivers, lakes, reservoirs and reservoirs; sand-blown sand unloading; cement tanker pumping mud; tunnel construction work; Excavation of aquaculture plants along the beach; Lifting, dredging and embankment of lakes and rivers; Renovation of low-lying land; Basic farmland construction and underground engineering.

vertical pump machine
vertical pump equipment

A sediment tanker manufacturer, which provides service for one of a China Railway Construction, has cooperated with us for many years. They regularly purchase models of 4PNSL-15 and 3PNSL vertical pump machine which are installed on cement tankers for tunnel dredging. On May 5th, 2018, the customer ordered five sets of the 4PNSL-15 vertical sand pump again. He put forward several suggetions. Firstly, a rain cover be installed outside the motor to prevent water droplets from entering the motor and burning the motor. Secondly, to use horizontal and vertical dual-purpose motor to enable the vertical pump machine unit fixed on the tank body to ensure the stability of the vertical sand pump unit.

Vertical pump machine basic requirements

1. Vertical pump is installed on the pump truck;
2. The flow rate is more than 100m3/h and the lift head is 15 meters;
3. The vertical pump machine is made of wear-resistant material which is suitable for harsh conditions.

We designed the PNSL vertical pump machine with side pontoon for tunnel cleaning. The selection of the vertical pump machine is quite easy but the movement is not convenient for the vertical cleaning pump with side pontoon, so the vertical pump machine is mounted on the pump car. The engineering team selected 4PNSL-15 pump model equipped with 4 poles 15 kW motor, after comparing the 5 vertical slurry pump model.

Specifications of vertical pump machine 

Vertical pump machine Model: 4PNSL-15 model, PNSL Vertical Pump Machine
Flow: 150m3/h
Head: 15 meters
Matching power: 15 kW
Matching motor: 4 poles 15kw electric motor

application of vertical pump
use of vertical pump machine

After determining the sand pump machine model, the PNSL vertical pump machine was sent to the electric mud tanker factory. Through the matching assembly and debugging, it was sent to the construction site. This sand pump has become the designated procurement product of China Railway Construction and Central South Civil Engineering and other National Enterprise.

As the New Hi-tech Enterprise Certificated by the Government. Tai’an Ocean Pump (OCEAN Pump) Co., Ltd. is the leading sand pump and sand dredger solutions manufacturer, supplier and exporter in China. Product innovation and customer satisfaction are our continuous commitment to all our partners. OCEAN Pumps specializes in the development, production, and sales of PNSL vertical pumping sand machine, suction pumps, dredging pumps, mud pumps, and slurry pumps, and is a leading brand in this field. The main partners are China Communications Construction Corporation, China Railway Construction, Tianjin Waterway Bureau, and Shanghai Waterway Bureau. The cooperation has many years of rich product design capabilities.

We have been focusing on PNSL vertical pump machine for sand pumping for 20 years, not only providing high quality products and overall solutions for the industry, but also providing on-site installation services. Please contact us at any time for program design and equipment issues related to dredging and sand extraction.

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