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Technical Support for the installation, usage and problem handling of  sand pump, slurry pump, gravel pump, dredger and related parts. 

Technical Support

3107, 2017

Submersible dredger pump bearing sealment

Submersible dredger pump bearing sealment is similar to the thrust sliding bearing for the mechanism machinery principle of the end sealment. With reference to the sliding bearing designs it. We [...]

2107, 2017

Advantage and Maintenance of submersible agitator pump

Advantage of submersible agitator pump (1)Submersible agitator pump with inlet pipe vertical upward, outlet pipe level, pipeline layout reduces the elbow or bend, improve the pump suction stroke for at [...]

407, 2017

Vertical mud pump characteristics

Vertical mud pump features Vertical mud pump Multi-purpose series vertical mud pump is the ideal tool for river, lake sand exploration . This mud pump is gain advantages of various domestic sand pumps. [...]

2706, 2017

How to choose submersible sand pump for customers?

How to choose submersible sand pump? For the general application and submersible sand pump set, generally according to the pump performance curves . Comparing the lift head, flow capacity [...]

3105, 2017

Submersible sand suction pump features

Submersible sand suction pump (also called submersible slurry pump) is often applied on the dredger, ship or boat, it puts the electrical motor and mechanical pump on the same axis, the [...]

2305, 2017

Sand Pump Coupling Materials

Sand pump coupling is the important part connecting the pump with the driven motor or diesel engine. Slurry pump coupling is commonly made with  HT200, ZG230-450 or 45# steel. If [...]

1605, 2017

Sand Pump Dry Friction

Sand Pump Dry Friction is a common problems sometimes you will meet. In fact, The single-ended series machine doesn't allow dry friction, but double-sided does, it depends on the rinse [...]