Suction Dredge Pump 250PNS-30 Sent to Hubei

///Suction Dredge Pump 250PNS-30 Sent to Hubei

Suction Dredge Pump 250PNS-30 Sent to Hubei

Suction dredge pump is also called sand suction pump. Suction dredge pump is a kind of sand pump used for dredging slurry, fine sand, tailing, slag, etc. At the same time, the sand dredging pump discharges the particles to a long distance through pipeline. “Ocean” brand suction dredge pump is made of high quality, high wear resistant alloy. The suction dredge pump is suitable for sucking mud and extracting sand, reclamation, building wharf, electric power plants, metallurgical industry, river silting, etc. At present, the suction dredge pump is widely used in Yellow River silting and fixing the embankment, Yangtze River dredging, coastal reclamation, inland river sand mining, etc.

Suction Dredge Pump 250PNS-30 Sent to Hubei
Slurry Pump 250PNS-30 Sent to Hubei

Our customer from Hubei signed a project, they required to extract sand in a section of Yangtze River. The customer has ever used our simple horizontal sand pump, the sand output was about 80m3/h, the discharge distance was about 100m. Now the customer planed to increase the sand output to 150m3/h-250m3/h,  increase the discharge distance to 200m-700m. And the customer require to modify the existing sand suction dredger to install the suction dredge pump 250PNS-30.

According to the customer’s requirements and our similar experiences in Yangtze River, we recommended suction dredge pump 250PNS-30 to our customer.

The Parameters of Suction Dredge Pump 250PNS-30

Flow 1200m³/h
Head 30m
Speed 730rpm
Engine Shangchai G128, 236kw, 1500rpm
Gear box 300 type, speed ratio 1.87:1
Inlet size 250mm
Outlet size 250mm

The actual construction conditions were as following:

  • sand source was a little shallower.
  • sand accumulation was serious and some sand deposits were higher than water level.

Considering the construction condition, our technical team decided to add a piece of sand suction headstall, equipped with high pressure water gun nozzle. The high pressure water impacted sand to increase the sand content in the water. By this way, the sand extraction efficiency could be improved.

Our customer watched the video of suction dredge pump in the work site and ensured the discharge distance could be up to 600-1000m, they knew this was benefit to extend discharge distance in future. The customer has used our product, so he knew a lot about our product quality especially the wear resistance of over-flow parts. And the customer believed in our after-sale service. After discussed the detailed parameters and dredger hull modification scheme, the customer signed purchase contract on May. 21st, 2018, the delivery time was 15 days. Our company contacted the diesel engine and gear box factories at once and requested them to send products to us as soon as possible. At the same time, our worker started to assemble the suction dredge pump. Finally, we matched the suction dredge pump with gear box and diesel engine on Jun. 1st, 2018. The test running was well, sand suction pump ran well. We delivered the suction dredge pump on Jun 2nd.

Sand Suction Pump 250PNS-30 Sent to Hubei
Sand Pump 250PNS-30 Sent to Hubei

Taian Ocean Pump Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer which dedicates on designing and producing sand pump machine, marine sand suction pump, sand extraction pump, dredging pump, submersible slurry pumpsand dredger, etc. We have rich experiences in Yellow River dredging, extracting sand, dyke strengthening. Our products hold large market in the area of river dredging. We have 20 years history. Besides supplying high quality products, we also supply assembling service in work site.

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