Submersible sand dredging pump operation fault and maintenance

///Submersible sand dredging pump operation fault and maintenance

Submersible sand dredging pump operation fault and maintenance

Submersible sand dredging pump daily failure and maintenance measures are as follows:

  1. Why does the vacuum table indicate a high vacuum and that the pump does not absorb water.

Reason: Because the diving sediment pump bottom valve does not open or is seriously blocked. Suction pipe has big resistance. Absorb height is too high.

Treatment: Check the bottom valve flexibility, remove the plug. Try to make the suction line simple. Reduce the height of the submersible sand pump.

  1. submersible sand dredging pump power consumption is too large.

Reason: the volume chamber packing pressure too tight, filling room heating. Sand pump impeller wear. Pump water supply is too large.

Remedy: Relax the packing gland. Replace the wearable alloy material impeller. Turn down the break valve, reduce the flow.

  1. Long-term operation cause the bearing heat when working

Reason: submersible sand pump bearing lack of oil or oil viscosity too much impact lubrication. Sand pump bearing wear gap is too large. The pump and the motor are not concentric.

Treatment: add lubricating oil. Change better oil or oil with low viscosity. Replacement of new bearings.  Adjust the sand pump and motor, to ensure concentric.

  1. Submersible sand dredging pump sound abnormal vibration, can not pump the mixture of water and sediment.

Reason: Suction pipe resistance is too large. Absorbance is too high. There is air into the suction pipe. The temperature of the conveying liquid is too high or the conveying particles are too large to block the mechanical seal.

Treatment: Check the submersible sand dredging pump suction pipe with or without plug. Clean the bottom valve, lower the liquid temperature or lower the suction height.


Submersible slurry pump is made of wear-resisting alloy steel with advanced structure. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, abrasion resistant, automatic coupling and long life span etc. It is powerful to discharge solid particles like sand and coal cinder ,mainly used on the dredger, ship or boat for dredging and mineral waste residue transfer, bottom with extra agitator greatly improve the work efficiency

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