Sand Suction Pumps Sent to Sewage Treatment Plant

///Sand Suction Pumps Sent to Sewage Treatment Plant

Sand Suction Pumps Sent to Sewage Treatment Plant

Sand suction pumps adopt double-pump case structure and is extensively used to extract medium particles such as mud, fine sand, tailing slag then carry them out to long distance destination.OCEAN pump DS series multi-purpose mud pump is suitable for mud conveying, sewage treatment, marine suction, sand extraction, land reclamation and dock construction, etc. It can also be used in power plant, metallurgical transportation tailings, river dredging and other dredging industries. Our multi-purpose sand suction pumps have been widely used in various conditions such as dredging and embankment in the Yellow River Basin, dredging in the Yangtze River Basin, land reclamation along the coast and sludge treatment.

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One water conservancy engineering company in Nanjing undertook the sludge treatment project for Sewage Treatment Plant. The sludge deposited inside the two tanks needed to be taken out for solidification treatment. The technical CEO contacted our factory sales personnel and introduced the working Condition, as well as material handling, according to the actual needs of the site, our technical staff chose the DS80-36 type multi-purpose sand suction pumps as the operating equipment of the project. The multi-purpose sand suction pumps adopt a double-pump case structure, which has a higher safety factor in the factory environment and can better meet the working conditions.

Multi-Purpose Sand Suction Pumps Parameters

Flow Capacity 90 m3/h
Head 21 meters
Power 11 Kw
Pump Model DS80-36
Motor 6 stage 11KW
Pipeline(Inlet diameter) 125 mm
multi-purpose sand suction pumps
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On April 15, 2018, our company sent two sets of assembled DS80-36 multi-purpose sand suction pumps to the sewage treatment plant. After the equipment arrived at the site, we first inspected the equipment for bump damage. And after inspection,  the equipment was installed and fixed at the well-treated foundation and connected to the pipeline valve. Then turn on the power to test the motor steering. After the motor was steered, connect the pins and re-commission the three-wire balance. After the preparatory work was ready, we turned on the power to test machine. The sand suction pump body was installed at the bottom of the storage tank body, and the slurry medium was directly poured into the pump body, eliminating the step of infusing and diverting the water and starting the operation directly. Easy and quick operation. The operation effect is good and the slurry concentration is high.

OCEAN pump is specialized in the development, production, and sales of sand suction pumps, dredging pumps, mine slurry pump, and suction pumps. It has a professional technical team and provides sand pump machine construction solutions for customers’ different construction environments. Welcome to visit our factory!

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