Application of sand suction pump under mining industry

///Application of sand suction pump under mining industry

Application of sand suction pump under mining industry

Sand suction pump of  DS series multi-purpose single-stage, single suction, centrifugal pump, according to the export diameter is divided into 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, Several series of a variety of specifications.

electric-power sand-suction-pump

1, DS series of multi-purpose suction sand pump: the pump body inside and outside the double metal structure, the pump shell is vertical opening, the outlet position by 45 degrees interval rotation installation.

2, the shaft seal according to different conditions  is divided into: vice impeller seal, packing shaft seal and mechanical seal.

3, using of closed impeller, good wear resistance, high pump efficiency.

Its working principle:  The self-priming pump, that is, no need to irrigate before starting (the first start after the installation still need to irrigate), after a short period of time, by the role of the pump itself, it can suck up the water, put into normal work.

Self-priming pump according to the principle of action is divided into the following categories:

1.Gas-liquid mixing (including internal and external mixing);

2.Water ring wheel

3.Jet type (including liquid jet and gas jet).


Gas-liquid mixing self-priming pump work process: due to the special structure of the pump, the sand suction pump body has a certain amount of water after its stops, the sand suction pump starts again after the rotation due to impeller, suction pipe air and water fully mixed and discharged into the gas-water separation chamber, the gas in the upper part of the air-water separation chamber overflows, the lower part of the water returns to the impeller, where  re-mix with the remaining air of the suction pipe until all the gas in the pump and the suction pipe are discharged, and pumping normally.

Water ring self-priming pump is the combination of water ring wheel and pump impeller in a shell, which discharge gas by water ring , to achieve self-absorption. When the pump is working properly, the passage of the water ring and the pump impeller can be cut off by the valve, and the liquid in the ring wheel can be removed.

Jet pump, by the centrifugal pump and jet pump (or ejector) combination, relying on the spray device, in the nozzle to create a vacuum suction.

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