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Sand Pump News about our company, customers, technical and marketing activities, sand pumping equipment and dredging equipment for sale like simple sand pump, sand pump, marine sand pump, slurry pump, gravel pump, submersible slurry pump, vertical sand pump, sand dredger, simple small sand pump dredger, submersible sand pump dredger, dredge pump, mining pumps, sand dredging pumps, small dredging equipment, sand pump dredger, dredger ship, submersible dredge, suction dredger, mechanical cutter suction dredger, hydraulic cutter suction dredger and other parts like discharging sand pipe, floater, rubber hose, etc.


307, 2018

Teamwork Training of OCEAN PUMP Sand Dredger Company

Sand Dredger Company is the leading sand pump and sand dredger solutions manufacturer. We  held  two-day Teamwork Cohesion Development Training on June 24, 2018. All the partners of sand dredger company conducted training on [...]

1312, 2017

Custom Hydraulic Cutter Suction Dredger Body Finished

Hydraulic cutter suction dredger is suitable for heavy duty and durable operations with dis-mountable structure.Hydraulic cutter suction dredger  is widely used for river silt cleaning,  lakes and ponds dredging, [...]

2810, 2017

Dredger machine customer from Myanmar visited OCEAN PUMP

Dredger machine is the main equipment to excavate underwater mud, sand, slurry or gravel from different locations. Sand pump, slurry pump, gravel pump and variety of dredgers belong to dredger machine. We are [...]

510, 2017

Sand dredging equipment had been arrived Nigeria

Sand dredging equipment accessories including many parts such as sand dredging pumps, dredger, winch, propeller, electric hoist, hose and so on. If you want to build one sand suction dredger, [...]

1309, 2017

Dredging machinery was shipped to Thailand

Dredging machinery (also called sand dredger) is the powerful equipment to excavate underwater sand, slurry or gravel to different locations. Our customer from Thailand sent us a new inquiry for [...]