Sand Dredge Pump Runs in Zhejiang

///Sand Dredge Pump Runs in Zhejiang

Sand Dredge Pump Runs in Zhejiang

Sand dredge pump is also known as multi-purpose sand suction pump. It is a kind of sand pump which converts electrical energy into kinetic and potential energy by mechanical way. Sand dredge pump increases the energy of solid-liquid mixed medium by the centrifugal force (the rotation of impellers).

Sand dredge pump is initially used in mining, power plants, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials and petroleum industries. Tai’an Ocean Pump Co.,Ltd. introduces the sand dredging pump and uses in dredging, sand extraction, land reclamation and so on.

Sand dredge pump selection background

A customer from Hebei Province of China purchased one set of sand dredge pump before. This marine sand pumping unit was manufactured by Taian Ocean Pump Co.,Ltd. The customer used the sand dredge pump in river sand extraction. The sand dredge pump has been running stably for more than 1 year, the output was 200m3/h, conveying distance was 1500m. The customer retracted cost quickly and got ideal profit.

In June 16,2018, the customer proposed a new purchasing plan. This time, the conveying distance of the river which won the bid was longer, it was up to 4000m. The type of sand dredge pump on the dredger was still 350PNS-35 marine sand suction pump. But considering the running and labor cost, the customer required only one relay pump to complete the conveying distance of 4000m.

mud pump

Sand dredge pump selection process

  1. The technical team of Tai’an Ocean Pump Co.,Ltd inspected the construction site and got the information as follows, the sand source was find sand, the customer used 377mm wear-resistant PE pipe. According to drag loss formula, our technical team got the pipe resistance was 81.5m, the head of the marine sand dredge pump was 35m, so the head of the relay pump should not be lower than 46.5m.
  2. The theoretical flow of the first sand dredge pump was 1800m3/h. Considering the actual operating conditions, our technical team took 1500m3/h as the standard, the head should be greater than or equal to 46.5m, the relay pump should be running stably, energy saving, environmental protection and easy operating. So the engineers of Ocean Pump chose high head sand dredge pump. According to the parameter, they chose ZJ300-80 high head sand dredge pump.
  3. After the model of the sand dredge pump was fixed, according to axial power calculation, our engineers suggested the customer to match a 8-pole, 280kw motor. The customers chose to purchase the motor by themselves. The engineers of Ocean Pump matched the base with connector well so that the the customers can assemble the sand suction pump conveniently in the construction site.

Sand dredge pump performance parameter

Model ZJ300-80
Flow 1054m³/h
Head 59.2m
Speed 730rpm
Motor 8 – pole, 280kw
sand dredge pump
sand suction pump

 The customer signed a contract after they inspected the type of high head slurry pump. Ocean Pump assembled and debugged the sand suction machine, then transported it to the construction site.

The sand pump has been running well. The output was still up to 200m3/h after 4000m conveying distance.

About Ocean Pump

Ocean Pump is a the professional sand pump machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter, our innovative and main products include slurry pump, sand suction pump, mud pump, silt pump, sewage pump, dredging pump, dredger, etc. Our company integrates independent research and development, equipment manufacturing, pre-sale and after-sale service as a whole, and the company covers a whole series of sand suction works. Our products cover 20 large series, more than 500 specifications, and the products are exported to 36 countries and areas. Tai’an Pumps are well known at home and abroad, as the representative of Tai’an pumps, Ocean Pump win the praise of the vast number of users by rich experience, professional technology and good service.

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