Sand dredge booster pump for long distance delivery sand

///Sand dredge booster pump for long distance delivery sand

Sand dredge booster pump for long distance delivery sand

Sand dredge booster pump is mainly used to transport the sand or slurry for long distance. When one pump can not reach the specified distance, we need the two or more sand dredge booster pumps connected by booster to achieve the required discharge distance .


In Mar 2015, our Nigerian customer ordered the 14 inch jet suction dredger from our company. The required sand output is 300m3/h and the discharge distance is 500m. The jet suction dredger run very very well. Our customer got a new project and the sand output is 300m3/h, but the discharge distance is 2000m longer. He inquiried us how to achieve the long discharge distance with low cost.

Our technical engineers discussed this with our customer about the working condition, we recommend our popular 350PNS-35 as the sand dredge booster pump with the below technical parameters.

Model 350PNS-35
Capacity 1800M3/H
Head 35M
Rotation speed 730rpm
Diesel engine WEICHAI 6170 450HP 1200RPM
Gear Box 400 Series with  Reduction Ratio :1.5:1

The main advantage of the Sand dredge booster pump

1. Don’t need the high pressure water to seal the shaft. The stuffing box is equipped with the vice impeller .and vice blades on the back cover which forms negative pressure to prevent sand or slurry from entering, and protect the shaft seal .

2. The dredge boost pump with the separate quench sleeve with longer working life .The shaft of sand dredge booster pump with thin oil lubrication ,and water cooling equipment ,can extend the working lift span .


Now the sand dredge booster pump set is ready and after the New year Holiday, we are preparing the container booking and preparing the goods shipping for customer.

OCEAN Pump had been manufacturing and exporting sand pump machines since 1997. One Stop Solution for all your sand pump and dredger requirements. Any inquiry for sand dredging pumps, welcome to contact us !

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