High efficiency wear resistant marine sand pump

///High efficiency wear resistant marine sand pump

High efficiency wear resistant marine sand pump

Marine sand pump can be installed on dredger, ship, boat for sand and gravel pumping. it has the  characteristics of energy saving, high hydraulic efficiency, good wear resistance, reliable operation in the delivery of solid particles. 


Marine sand pump can pumping sand and gravel equipped on dredger ship or boat. Our marine sand pump is passed through the trial test and industrial operation test, it has the  characteristics of energy saving, high hydraulic efficiency, good wear resistance  and reliable operation in the delivery of solid particles. The ship sand pump is suitable for inland river dredging,  coastal embankment , coal mines, power plants and other enterprises to transport solid particles containing slurry, medium particles up to 50-80 mm. The dredger sand pump is also used to pump sand or slurry in the river, lake, sea and reservoir,  land reclamation, pumping iron ore, gold sand.

Product features of marine sand pump

 1.Material : Using the cast iron ,cast steel or  high wear resistant and strong corrosion resistance chrome alloy to make the  over -flow part .

2.Long-term bearing life .The bearing assembly is composed of large diameter shaft and short overhang.

3.with distinctive innovation in hydraulic and structural design.

4.Large dredging depth, high density of dredging mud, good NPSH (net positive suction head)and strong suction lift ability.

5.Apply for sand suction and dredging, extracting mud for ship, marine reclamation land, wharf building electric power and metallurgical industry for conveying tailing, and in coal washing industry for filtering coal slime

6. the suction depth up to 35 meter under water, discharge head up to 60 meter and discharge distance up to 1000 meter-1500 meter without boost pump. The gravel size allow to pass through up to 80mm. 

 Structure description diagram

high efficiency wear resistant marine sand pump

high efficiency wear resistant marine sand pump

Wear resistant marine sand pump specifications

Type  Flow Head  Rotation 






  Diameter (inch)
(m³/H) (m) (r/min)  (hp)   (mm)  Inlet outlet 
200PNS-30  540  48  980  180 550  8  6
 410  28  730 75   8  6
250PNS-24   850  38  980  250  550    10  8
 620  21  730  122  10  8
 250ND-22  800  22  730  150-250  620  10  10
 250PNS-30  1110  30  730  185-250  650  10  8
 250PNS-35  1450  35  730  250  670  10  8
 350PNS-24  1650  24  730  250-300  560  14  12
 350PNS-35  1800  35  730  350-408  690  14  12
 400PNS-30  2200  30  730  408-450  650  16   14
 450PNS-30  2600  30  700   520-600  720  18  16
 500PNS-40  2850  38  700   580-720  750  20   16 
 350DN-50  2400  50   550   720-818  950  16   14
 450DN-60  3150  42  550   540-720  1000  18  16
 500DN-30  3920  28  550     818-1000    900  20  16
 550DN-60  4000  60  500    818-1200   1000  22 18

About OCEAN Pump

Tai’an Ocean Pump (OCEAN Pump) Co., Ltd. is the leading sand pump and sand dredger solutions manufacturer, supplier and exporter in China.We have more than 30 talented sand pump experts and 15,000 square meters factory. More than 4 series 20 kinds of sand pumps, slurry pumps, sand dredgers and related parts had been manufactured to satisfy your pumping requirements.

Product innovation and customer satisfaction are our continuous commitment to all our partners. OCEAN Pump is the Certification of New Hi-tech Enterprises by the Government. We provide our customers with a complete set of  sand, slurry, gravel pumping solutions and related parts. Our main products include centrifugal portable sand pump, marine sand pump, slurry pump, gravel pump, submersible slurry pump, vertical sand pump, simple small sand pump dredger, submersible dredger, mini dredge for sale,  small dredging equipment, small pond dredging equipment, sand suction dredger,  suction dredging equipment, cutter suction dredger, sewage submersible pump, lake dredging equipment, mini dredges for sale, sand dredging machine, river dredging equipment and other parts like discharging sand pipe, floater, rubber hose. They are widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal washing, power plants, sewage water treatment and dredging in such industries as mine, chemical and petroleum. We are looking for pump dealers all over the world.


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