Flexible wear resistant rubber sand suction hose

///Flexible wear resistant rubber sand suction hose

Flexible wear resistant rubber sand suction hose

Rubber sand suction hose is designed for silt conveyance dredging operations. The flexible and easily installed dredging hoses are abrasive and kink resistant. It is also widely used for sucking or discharging of  water, sand, air or powders  in industry, agriculture, factory,  mining and building etc.


Rubber sand suction hose is your good choice for silt conveyance in dredging operations. The flexible and easily installed dredging hoses are abrasive and kink resistant. The smooth interior of the flexible wear resistant rubber sand suction hose helps prevent clogs and avoids damage from the abrasive materials passing through. The rubber sand suction hose is widely used for sucking or discharging  water, sand, air or powders  in industry, agriculture, factory, mining and building etc. The components of rubber sand suction hose are as followed.

Materials: Tube: Smooth NR/ synthetic rubber, generally color is black 
Reinforcement: one or multiplayer spiral fabric reinforcements, steel wire spiral layer,
Cover: Oil, abrasion and weather-resistant wrapped synthetic rubber. 

Structure of rubber sand suction hose

1. The inner rubber liner is composed of wear-proof natural rubber and synthetic rubber.
2. The reinforcement layer is composed of high strength rubber dipped chemical fiber and reinforced by spiral metal wire.
3. The rubber cover is composed of natural rubber and synthetic rubber.
4. The surface of the hose takes the shape of corrugated 

Features and application

1. This kind of rubber hoses have almost no tolerance, and they are capable of resistance to sand and water, light, small flexible and wear well.
2. All kinds of sand suction rubber hose are made in suitable materials due to different purposes.
3. Abrasion resistant, weather resistant, and zone resistant.
4. Rubber hose are logical designed, excellent quality, and durable.
5. It is convenient to install, flexible to use and safe.
6. Pipe wall thickness range: from 20mm up to 50mm.
7. The suitable working temperature: from -20°C to +50°C.
8. We are the direct manufacturer and OEM & agents are wanted.

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