Jet sand suction dredger

///Jet sand suction dredger

Jet sand suction dredger

Jet sand suction dredger is mainly used for river , lake or sea dredging, sand mining project, reclaim land from the sea. This dredger use high impact pressure of water to impact the bottom of sand layer,  the sand splashing around the suction head. So the sand pump can suck sand material easily and efficiently, it is very suitable for the loose sand bed.


Jet sand suction dredger is composed mainly of high pressure water pump and sand suction pump.  The dredger is detachable  so it can be loaded into the container and easily transported to any location. The jet sand suction dredger is equipped with self-propelled equipment to push it running.

The dredger finish the entire work by impacting and sucking. The high pressure water pump is used to jet and impact the sand layer bottom,   and splashing the sand around the suction head, then sand suction pump will suck the splashed sand from the suction hose to the designated location. All the working operation can be operated in control cabinet by one person. Jet suction dredger is novel in design, simple and convenient in operation and high in efficiency.

Applications of Jet sand suction dredger 

1.Jet sand suction dredger applied to dredging rivers, delisting lakes and ponds, reclaiming land, cleaning ports and pumping sand.

2.widely used in rivers, lakes,reservoir and seas for dredging  .Especially suitable for  exploiting seashore, clearing port and pier with energy saving.

Jet sand suction dredger with rubber suction hose

Jet sand suction dredger with rubber suction hose

Jet sand suction dredger with steel pipe

Jet sand suction dredger with steel pipe

Features of Jet sand suction dredger

1.High efficient, large output and long discharge  distance .

2.Very simple and fast assembly and dis-assembly,  simple operation ,easy to control.

3.Good economic performance. 

4.Dredge hull consists of multiple pontoons connected by proven coupling system.

5.Highly efficient fuel consumption and minimum overall operational costs.

6.Economize human resource. One man operation in low noise operating cabin.

7.Controls box and instruments are mounted in ergonomic dash board.

8.We can according to customer‘s request to make jet sand suction dredger .

About OCEAN Pump

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