Portable Sand Pump Sent to Guangzhou

///Portable Sand Pump Sent to Guangzhou

Portable Sand Pump Sent to Guangzhou

Portable sand pump is also known as horizontal simple sand suction pump. The portable sand pump is suitable to extract small granular sand. Portable sand pump uses the principle of centrifugal force. The simple sand pump produces a huge suction by the high speed rotation of the impeller, so that the sand pump can carry out high efficient sand extraction task. The portable sand pump is commonly used in pumping system that move sand deposits to long distance. This kind of centrifugal portable sand pump has good price and high performance in our 10 kinds of sand pump machines. At present, the dredger equipped with portable sand pump is our main export products. The customers can choose the type of sand suction pump and corollary equipment according to their own requirements.

Portable Sand Pump Sent to Guangzhou
Small Sand Pump Sent to Guangzhou

Our customer from Guangzhou extracted sand in the inland river, the sand was pumping to transport vessel directly. The depth of water was 10m. The customers’ requirements were as follows, the output of sand was 200m3/h – 250m3/h, the volume of the sand dredging machine should be small, and the dredging equipment should be easy to install. The customer had a set of 150kw diesel engine.

According to the similar construction experience and the customer’s actual operation requirements, our technical team recommended 12PS portable sand pump to the customer. This kind of sand pumping machine can meet the customers’ requirements. Its small size made it easy to install, move and operate. The over-flow parts were made of abrasion materials-chromium alloy. The advantages of the material were goog wear resistance, long life span, long parts replacement cycle, low maintain cost.

12PS portable sand pump parameters

Flow 1000m³/h
Head 20m
Speed 800rpm
Entrance 250mm
Exit 250mm
Power 150kw

After several times of communication, the customer accepted our plan, and signed a contract to purchased a set of 12PS horizontal portable sand pump. We arranged the production immediately after we received the deposit. Then we sent to portable sand pump to the customer’s construction site. After the sand suction pump arrived the working site, our technical team guided their operators to install by telephone and video. According to explain of our technical team, the operators of the customer matched the horizontal portable sand pump with diesel engine in short time, then they carried on a sand extraction experiment. The portable sand pump unit ran two hours, the output of sand was up to 530m3/h, the sand suction equipment greatly improved the efficiency of our customer. They were very satisfied with the portable sand pump.
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