Ocean Brand Pumping Machine Unveiled at the 124th Canton Fair

///Ocean Brand Pumping Machine Unveiled at the 124th Canton Fair

Ocean Brand Pumping Machine Unveiled at the 124th Canton Fair

Tai’an Ocean Pump Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of pumping machine, sediment pump, mud pump, sewage pump, gravel pump, mixed flow water pump and other equipment. On Oct. 13th, 2018, the special submersible pumping machine developed and produced by Ocean Pump was unveiled at the Canton Fair (Booth No.: 8.0 U09). The pumping machine displayed by our company has attracted many foreign customers to stop and negotiate.

The Canton Fair is one of the largest and most comprehensive international trade events in the world. After 61 years of development, it has strengthened trade between China and the world. The Canton Fair is a high-quality platform for Chinese companies to explore the international market. The 124th Canton Fair was opened in Guangzhou on October 15th. There were 51 exhibition areas according to the 16 categories of products. The total number of booths was 59,647, and the number of exhibitors was 24,947.

Ocean Brand Pumping machine Unveiled at the 124th Canton Fair

At the exhibition, Tai’an Ocean Pump Co., Ltd. showed three types of pumping machines such as submersible pumping machine, large particle pumping machine and small pumping machine. These three types covered sand dredging requirements for various working conditions. In particular, the submersible slurry pump with a stirring device attracted the attention of foreign customers because of its unique design. During the five-day exhibition, Ocean Pump attracted many participants to visit. Our staff members communicated with the exhibitors patiently with full of enthusiasm, professional product knowledge. The staff of Ocean Pump showed the characteristics and advantages of our pumping machine to the exhibitors through wonderful introduction and professional solutions. There were terminal customers, dealers and agents, they were very interested in our pumping machine after getting professional introduction. Many customers conducted detailed consultations on the spot and hoped to carry out in-depth cooperation in feature. Some foreign companies conducted product consultation on specific projects. Our staff members gave program quotations to customers on the spot, their professional knowledge and enthusiastic service won high recognition from foreign companies.

Malaysian merchants won the bid to build a water plant project. There were several large-scale sedimentation tanks in the plant, they required to clean the sludge deposited in the sedimentation tank. Manual cleaning was inefficient and costly, so the project was slow due to lack of suitable equipment. At the exhibition, the Malaysia merchants was very interested in our submersible pumping machine. He told our staff the detailed working conditions, he required that the flow rate was about 200m3/h and the discharge distance was 500 meters. The mainly purpose is sludge extraction, but the sludge at the bottom of the pool has long-term harden sedimentation. According to customer’s requirements, our staff recommended ZJQ250-35-55 submersible pumping machine. The customer was very satisfied with the selection plan and signed purchase contract on the spot.

ZJQ250-35-55 Pumping Machine Parameters:

Flow 250m³/h
Head 35m
Speed 980rpm
Supporting power 55kw
Diving pumping machine tube specifications 150mm
Soft pump start cabinet power 75kw
Submersible mixer power 5.5kw

Mr. Yan from Myanmar mainly engaged in the gold mining industry. There were numerous rivers and mineral resources in Myanmar. However, the local gold mining process was relatively backward, mainly based on manual panning, with low output and poor quality. Mr. Yan has been looking for professional equipment that could extract ore from the river. At the exhibition, he saw the large particle sand pump produced by our factory, and asked the staff about the relevant performance parameters. The model of the large particle pumping machine was ZS150. Inlet diameter Was 150mm, outlet diameter was 100mm, the flow rate was about 200 square meters. The biggest feature of this pumping machine type was its good passability. The maximum over-flow particles could reach 82 mm. So the general ore could pass and it was not easy to block. The overflow parts were made of high-chromium alloy and have high wear resistance, which solved the trouble of frequently changing parts. It was the best equipment for gold mining. After understanding, Mr. Yan was quite satisfied with this large particle pumping machine and wanted to purchase samples in the exhibition. Because the exhibition was still going on, the sample still needed to be displayed. After negotiating with Mr. Yan, our staff contacted the factory to confirm the shortest delivery time. Mr. Yan expressed his understanding, he signed a purchase contract with our staff in exhibition and paid the deposit.

Ocean Brand Submersible Slurry Pump Unveiled at the 124th Canton Fair
Ocean Brand Large Particle Sand Pump Unveiled at the 124th Canton Fair

During the exhibition, through face-to-face conversations with foreign merchants, the pumping machine popularity was enhanced. We also collected the first-hand information of the customers. Most importantly, we knew the actual requirements of the foreign customers, opened up our horizons and gain valuable information on the market frontier. This brought new opportunities for the future development of Ocean Pump.

On Oct. 19th, 2018, the 124th Canton Fair came to an end. The staff of Ocean Pump packed and consigned the products with the help of the consignment company.

Ocean Brand Gravel Pump Unveiled at the 124th Canton Fair

Tai’an Ocean Pump Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer which dedicates on designing and producing sand pump, submersible slurry pump, gravel pump, sand dredger, etc. Ocean Pump has always been adhering to the “creating value for customers” as its mission, winning customers’ trust with high quality and warm service, taking “advanced technology, sincere service” as the leading factor to create a trustworthy pumping machine brand, and achieving value with customers.

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