Multi-purpose sediment pump security

///Multi-purpose sediment pump security

Multi-purpose sediment pump security

Multi-purpose sediment pump security conditions are as follows:

1. Failure: pump does not absorb water

Cause: Leakage in the suction pipe or packing. Turn wrong, impeller damage, or suction pipe blockage

Solution: Block the leak. Check the steering, replace the new impeller, remove the blockage


2.Fault: shaft power is too large

Cause: The packing gland is too tight, the filler is hot, the friction inside the pump, the bearing is damaged, the drive belt is too tight, the pump flow is too large, the rotation speed is high, the ratio is big, the motor shaft is different from the pump shaft or not parallel

Solution: loose packing gland bolts, eliminate friction, replace the bearings, adjust the belt, adjust the multi-purpose sediment pump running the project, adjust the speed, adjust the motor shaft and pump shaft.

 3. Fault: bearing overheating

Reason: too much or too little bearing lubricants, lubricants in the debris, bearing damage

Solution: add lubricating oil to be appropriate, for new lubricants, new bearings

4.Fault: bearing life is short

Reason: the motor shaft and the pump shaft is not the same axis or not parallel, the shaft bending, the friction inside the pump or impeller balance, the bearing into the foreign body or lubricating oil improperly, the bearing assembly is unreasonable


Adjust the motor shaft and multi-purpose sediment pump shaft. Oil change to eliminate friction, change the new impeller cleaning bearings for bearings or re-assembly of bearings


5. Failure: Seal leaks

Reason: serious wear of the packing wear serious mechanical seal failure, sealing water is not clean

Solution: change the new filler for mechanical seals, for bearings, for cleaning seal water

6. Fault: pump vibration, noise

Reason: bearing damage, impeller imbalance, suction pipe intake, blocking traffic is not uniform, pump pumping

Solution: change the new bearings for the new impeller

Eliminate the intake, clean up the plug to improve the pump feed situation

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