Application of multi-purpose mud pump

///Application of multi-purpose mud pump

Application of multi-purpose mud pump

Multi-purpose mud pump adopts double pump shell structure, which can be used to extract mud, fine sand, tailings slag and discharges for long distance. DS series multi-purpose mud pumps are suitable for marine dredging, sand pumping, reclamation and wharf construction.

multi-purpose-mud-pump application

Features of multi-purpose mud pump:

♦ Good abrasion resistance, high chromium alloy (Cr28) wear resistance material, long cycle length;

♦ The concentration of extraction and conveying medium is high,which can reach 60% (by weight);

♦ Using advanced fluid mechanics optimization design, the lift is high and the transmission distance is far;

♦ Good cavitation performance and anti-jamming performance;

♦ Use thin oil lubricants to make the bearing, reasonable lubrication design, ensure long life and performance;

♦ Using special heat treatment process, the multi-purpose mud pump can be used for certain corrosive conditions;

♦ DS series multi-purpose mud pumps can be used for multi-stage tandem connection, with maximum pressure of 3.6 MPa;


The water company in changyuan county, henan province, has been deposited in the sediment, and the accumulated silt has not been cleaned up. In response to the environmental protection call, the multi-purpose mud pump is used for the operation. According to the conditions of the site and the requirements of the owner, the DS80-33 model is recommended for customer use and the supporting 11KW motor. The whole set is fixed to the edge of the sink, and the pipeline is cleaned. Use effect ideal. The multi-purpose mud pump can solve the manual cleaning problems, and transported by pipeline without polluting the environment.

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