Difference between Mud Pump and Submersible Sand Pump

///Difference between Mud Pump and Submersible Sand Pump

Difference between Mud Pump and Submersible Sand Pump

Mud pump is a pumping machine conveying mud or water into drilling holes during drilling. Submersible sand pump is the widely used sand pump machine to discharge solid particles like sand and coal cinder, it is mainly used on the dredger, ship or boat for dredging and mineral waste residue transfer, bottom with extra agitator greatly improve the work efficiency. Mud pump and submersible sand pump are different.

electric motor mud pump

First, the mud pump, as its name implies, is used to carry mud and sticky objects. And it conveys surface washing medium – water, polymer mud or fluid under pressure through the high-pressure hose, faucet and drill center hole drill string straight to the bottom.In order to achieve cooling the bit, transporting cutting down debris to the surface. The common mud pump is piston or plunger type, and the crankshaft is rotated inside the pump, and the crankshaft drives the piston or plunger through the crosshead to do reciprocating movement in the pump cylinder. The alternating action of suction and discharge valve realizes the purpose of pressing and circulating flushing liquid. Mud pump is an important part of drilling equipment.

Second, submersible sand pump is used to extract sediment and particulate matter from underwater.

submersible sand pump
submersible sand pump bottom part

The precipitated slag can be sprayed into a mixture of water and solid particles. The pump can achieve high concentration transporting without the aid of the device. The unique sealing device can effectively balance the pressure inside and outside of the oil chamber, which ensure the maximum extent of mechanical seal’s reliable operation, and  prolong it’s service life greatly. According to the requirements of the user, the motor can increase the water detection, overheating and other protective devices, so that the product can run safely under bad working conditions.

The flow passing parts (including pump body, pump cover and impeller) are made of wear resistant materials. The submersible sand pump is mainly composed of three parts: pump head, motor and combined seal. The motor and pump are coaxial and submerge in the medium. With advanced structure, wide flow passage and strong passing ability. Widely used in metallurgy, chemical, mining, coal, electricity, building materials, municipal environmental protection and river dredging and other enterprises, used to transport sand, sand, cinder, tailings and other solid particles containing abrasive liquid.

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