Heavy Duty Slurry Pump for Blowing Sand Reclamation

///Heavy Duty Slurry Pump for Blowing Sand Reclamation

Heavy Duty Slurry Pump for Blowing Sand Reclamation

Heavy duty slurry pump , also known as the amphibious slurry pump.It is widely used in extracting mud for ship,extracting sand,marine reclamation land.Also it is used in electric power and metallurgical industry for conveying tailing. As well as in coal washing industry for filtering coal slime.Wet parts of Ocean brand heavy duty slurry pumps all adopt cast iron,cast steel,and wear-resisting chrome alloy.It is very popular with customers.

factory heavy duty slurry pump

Zhejiang customers signed Yushan blowing sand reclamation project.They are pumping the dry sand in the sand transport vessel.The required distance is 800 -1500 meters, with sand output for 500m³/h.Our company designed the heavy duty slurry pump to complete the construction program.

First of all, the high-pressure water pump jetting dry sand in the sand transport ship. And the sand-water mixture is drawn through multiple vertical silt pumps.Then the amphibious slurry pump transport for long distance relay to complete the reclamation. After discussions with customers several times. Finally,customer signed three sets of procurement contracts for sand slurry pumps.

Heavy duty slurry pump parameters.

Model 450PNS-50
Capacity 2600m³/h
Head 50m
Rotate Speed 600 rpm
Diesel engine WEICHAI8170,818HP,1350rpm
Gear Box Type600 with reduction ratio 2:1
 Inner diameter 450mm
Out diameter 400mm
heavy duty slurry pump diesel unit

We sent the sand slurry pump units to the customer designated site. The customer actual use the sand slurry pumps, with high efficiency.Also it is easy to operate, and high concentration of blowing.Customers are very satisfied with the amphibious slurry pumps.At present, the heavy duty slurry pump units have been constructed in Yushan for more than one year. After pumping 1.4 million square meters of sand, the impeller, guard plate and pump case can still be used continuously.And good wear-resisting makes the customer surprised, which reduce downtime and maintenance costs.


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