Diving Mud Pump for Mud Transport in Suzhou Site

///Diving Mud Pump for Mud Transport in Suzhou Site

Diving Mud Pump for Mud Transport in Suzhou Site

Diving mud pump is also called submersible slurry pump. This kind of diving mud pump is often used for water conservancy project which puts the electric motor and mechanical pump on the same axis. The diving mud pump has advanced structure and wide over flow path. The submersible mud pump is suitable for transporting solids containing sand, cinder, tailing, etc. Diving mud pump is also suitable for granular liquids, marine sludge suction, sand extraction, land reclamation and dock construction. The diving mud pump is widely used in electric power plants, metallurgical industry, river dredging, sewage treatment, etc. The diving mud pump manufactured by our company services in various operating conditions such as silting and dyke strengthening in the Yellow River, dredging and coastal reclamation in the Yangtze River.

Diving mud pump for mud transport in Suzhou site
mud pumps for mud transport in Suzhou site

An environmental protection dredging company in Wuxi undertook a dredging and solidification project for rivers in Suzhou. They needed to solidify the mud which was extracted from the river. The slurry transfer tank was located in an open area 300m from the river. It was about 150m²,the depth was about 4m. The articulated suction boat transported the extracted mud to the transfer tank, then diving mud pump transported the mud from transfer tank to solidification tank. The customer required that the submersible mud pump flow was 200m³/h, the discharge distance was 100 meters. According to the on-site working conditions and the transmitted slurry media, our technical staff chose the ZJQ200-15-22 model diving mud pump as the main transportation equipment.

Diving Mud pump Parameters

Flow 200m³/h
Head 15m
Matching motor power 22kw
Pump Model ZJQ200-15-22
Matching pipe 6 inch rubber hose pipe

On Dec.6th, 2017, our factory sent two sets of ZJQ200-15-22 diving mud pumps to the construction site, and installed the mud pumps on the completed hull. The mud transfer tank was located in the field. There was no transformer nearby. So a 50 KW generator set was used as power source of the mud pumps. At the same time there was a frequency conversion control cabinet used for starting and stopping the mud pumps. After the technicians installed and fixed the diving mud pumps well in the hull, they putted the hull in the pool. Then the technicians adjusted the frequency of the frequency conversion and ran the diving mud pumps for test. During the test time, our technicians explained the usage of the mud pumps to the on-site operator. When the diving mud pumps were started, they should work in clean water, then touched the mud layer slowly. If touched the mud layer as soon as the mud pumps started, the motors of mud pumps would be burned out because of high start loading.
After a period of running, the particle concentration was not particularly high. The technicians found the mud deposited so long time, so it was not easy to be stirred up. Our technicians recommended to use a high-pressure water gun to impact the mud layer or use a stirrer. By this way, the mud concentration could be increased.

submersible mud pump for mud transport in Suzhou site
submersible slurry pump for mud transport in Suzhou site

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