Big Particle Sand Pump in Zhejiang of China Dredging Site

///Big Particle Sand Pump in Zhejiang of China Dredging Site

Big Particle Sand Pump in Zhejiang of China Dredging Site

Big particle sand pump is suitable for the extraction of pebbles, small stones, river trash and other large particles material.Because the general sediment pump can not transport these material. And large particle sediment pump can solve the extraction of such materials for long-distance transport. The big particle sand pump is widely used in dredging, large particle sand mining, river dredging, tailings cleaning and other industries.

big particle sand pump

Zhejiang customers signed a dry land dredging project. The required transport distance is 1500 m -2000 m, and the soil contains stones, garbage, etc. Required pump-type has to be easy construction, with good passage capacity and long service life. Which also can pump sand 300 m3/h, with diesel engine as power.

According to the customer’s construction requirements and the similar construction design experience. We recommended that customer choose the large particle slurry pump ZS300-50 operation. And supporting the high pressure water pump,which to provide high-pressure water to impact the soil layer to form the slurry supply for the big particle sand pump.

Big particle sand pump ZS300-50 parameters:

Flow: 1600m³ / h
Head: 50 meters
Speed: 600rpm
Inlet size: 350mm
outlet size: 300mm
Power: Weichai 580 hp, 1350 rpm
gear box: 400 type, speed ratio 2: 1
application of big particle sand pump

Large particles pumping machine flow channel is wide. And it’s good passage performance. And with wearable alloy material of pump shell, impeller and safe guard, so it has long service life. After inspecting the pump construction site, checking our parts, pumps, and comparing our proposal with dredging pump machines from other supplier.The customer selected our big particle sand pump. After we shipped large particle dredge pump ZS300-50 units to the customer’s site.The customer immediately installed it in the existing floating platform.

Then they began trial production. During the first trial production day, the mud production is 500 m3. But there are diesel smoking and litter problem.After the customer reflected the problem, our company immediately contacted with the construction workers. Then we found the customer failed to install the long-distance pipeline at the outlet of the large particle silt pump during the trial production.

There’s no demand for the pump in actual head.So the pump flow rate increased, resulting in power demand exceeds of the diesel engine power.So then appeared black smoke, litter. We suggested customers to install the pipeline as soon as possible. The customer arranged immediately, and test the pump after the pipeline was installed. The failure before did not appear again. And the flow is 350 m3 when delivering 1,500 meters. Our customer is very satisfied with this.

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