The advantages of submersible sand dredge pump

///The advantages of submersible sand dredge pump

The advantages of submersible sand dredge pump

The submersible sand dredge pump also called submersible slurry pump. It is one kind of water machinery. The motor and pump co-axially slip into medium to work. Comparing with the general horizontal and vertical suction pump ,it obviously with the following advantages:

1 .Compact structure, small occupation area.

Submersible sand dredge pump can  installed directly in the pool. by slipping into the water, no need to build pump room to install pumps and machines.can save a lot of land and infrastructure costs.

2.Easy installation and maintenance-free.

Automatically install large submersible sand dredge pump .Easy installation and maintenance-free.

3.Long time continuous operation .

With the pump and motor coaxial, short shaft , light weight rotating parts, so the bearing with load bearing (radial) is relatively small, working life is much longer than the average pump. The dredger pump is made of wear-resisting alloy steel with advanced structure. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, abrasion resistant, automatic coupling and long life span etc. It is powerful to discharge solid particles like sand and coal cinder .

4.No Cavitation damage and no need to irrigate water and other issues.

Especially no need to irrigate water ,it brings a lot of convenience for operation staff. During the use ,the pump with small vibration and no pollution to the environment.

submersible sand dredge pump

submersible sand dredge pump

Because of the above advantages, Submersible sand dredge pump has got more and more attention, and  wide range. the submersible sand dredge pump plays the very important role in the municipal engineering, industrial and mining enterprises. Submersible sand dredge pump  also applies for building pumping sand, bridge construction, dredging and other industries.

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