6 inch Gravel Pump Sent to Suzhou for River Dredging

///6 inch Gravel Pump Sent to Suzhou for River Dredging

6 inch Gravel Pump Sent to Suzhou for River Dredging

Gravel pump is also called large particle sand suction pump. The gravel pump is mainly used for long-distance transportation of strong abrasive materials, because the particles are too large to be transported by general sand pump. The large particle gravel pump is suitable for sand pumping, sand mining, and it is also widely used for metal smelting blast residue transportation. Because of the good passing performance, the gravel sand pump is also widely used in river dredging.

6 inch Gravel Pump Sent to Suzhou for River Dredging
6 inch Gravel Sand Pump Sent to Suzhou for River Dredging

There were many rivers in the urban area of Suzhou. The domestic wastewater and garbage were discharged into the river all the year round. This resulted in the clogging of several river channels and water flow retarding. It also caused environmental pollution and affected the city image and people’s living quality. Responding to national environmental protection requirements, an environmental protection company in Suzhou undertook a dredging and rectification project for a certain river section. There were sand, mud and many household garbage in the river. We planed to choose gravel pump for the project. This kind of gravel pump was widely used in garbage cleaning because of good passing capacity and high wearing resistance. According to the emission amount and distance requirements, we finally chose the gravel pump model of ZS150 large particle sand suction pump for customer.

Gravel pump parameters for customer

Flow 240m³/h
Head 25m
Matched electric motor power 37kw
Gravel pump model ZS 150
Max. gravel diameter passing through 82mm
Matched discharge pipes 6 inch HDPE pipe

On March 2nd, 2018, our workers started to assembled the large-particle sand suction pumps according to the assembly diagram. They welded the common base according to the size of the motor, sealed the inlet and outlet. Then, the workers carried out water injection test to observe whether there’s any water leakage appeared in the sealing position. After the test, there was no water leakage and the bearings rotated normally. After connecting the electric motor, we fixed the common base and packed the 2 sets gravel pumps well, then sent them to Suzhou work site.

6 inch Sand Pump Sent to Suzhou for River Dredging
6 inch Gravel Dredge Pump Sent to Suzhou for River Dredging

This kind of big particle gravel dredge pump can also be used in river or sea sand suction dredger , normally equipped with diesel engine and gear box or belts in the machine cabin. The dredging performance will be better with the help of high pressure water jetting from high pressure water pump in dredger.

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